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Ornitologia 2009-03-22

O Ornitologia regressa com Anthony Braxton, a fascinação dos USA em crise por Richard Wagner e a edição de 2009 do  festival de música contemporânea de Berlim, que começou a 18 de Março. Ornitologia returns with current fascination of a USA in crise by Richard Wagner and Berlin’s 2009 contemporary music festival that kicked off on 18th of March.


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Making-of Ornitologia 0, the pilot

The pilot podcast for Ornitologia was completely home-made. It was mixed down and edited in Apple’s GarageBand 3. The sound was recorded in an old school Sony MZ-R35 portable MiniDisc with an Audio Technica PRO 24 stereo condenser microphone and, for the voice-over, a pop-filter.


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