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Making-of Ornitologia 2010-04-18/25

The Red Trio interview was recorded in a restaurant using the Zoom H2 placed in the center of the table, recording with the four microphones in surround and 48 kHz/24 bit, medium (M) gain. The pair of stereo tracks were imported to Ableton Live and the front to back ratio was adjusted with Live’s mixer and crossfader. Some processing was used in the master track: BIAS GatEx gate/expander to reduce room noise, Voxengo Voxformer in the mid/side mode to reduce the stereo image, to compress the signal and to remove voice sibilances. Finally, some EQ and gain was added using the PSP RetroQ plugin and limiting was applied with Voxengo Elephant. The final mix was exported to stereo and the interview was then edited with BIAS Peak Express in the handy blending mode. (more…)


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Making-of Ornitologia 2009-09-20

Bird at Storyville
This season starts with a few novelties. The show now features a new (quite similar to the former) intro, but especially some audio separators in the transitions between subjects. I think it could make the show structure more clear to the listener. Also there is now an Ornithological farewell, courtesy of Charlie Bird Parker. Can you spot the other tracks used in the transitions? (Tip: they are all from last season’s playlist.)


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Making-of Ornitologia Jazz em Agosto 2009

The Jazz em Agosto 2009 interview with the festival head, Rui Neves, was recorded at the Gulbenkian Foundation open air auditorium in Lisbon. The Zoom H2 recorder was used with the supplied hand grip and wind shield. The sound was recorded at 24bit/44.1kHz WAV with the front mics (90º), medium (M) gain.

The sound was put through the auto-magical voice processor Levelator. The episodes were then assembled with Ableton Live with a three point EQ, and the mda D-esse and Loudness plugins in the voice channel. The master channel has the Live built-in Master Tape Boost plugin applied. The intros were recorded with the home rig.

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Making-of the latest episodes

Finally, a report about the making-of the latest episodes. Starting with Ornitologia 17-05-2009, my novel set-up was used. It consists of a  TASCAM FireOne sound interface and a Thomann SC.400 condenser mic. Here it is my quick impression on the gear, that cost 169€ plus shipping.


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Making-of Ornitologia May 17th

This show was written and recorded in Florence with a mobile rig: a Zoom H2 recorder, a little mic tripod and a pop filter.

The sound was registered to Live Lite 7 with the Zoom H2 directly connected to the mac trough an USB cable. A de-esser, a compressor and some equalization was applied in Live. The sound clip was further edited with Fission, to remove breathing, long pauses, etc..  Unfortunately, you can hear some clicks from the sloppy editing. The production and mixing was done in Apple GarageBand.

Finally, I use my first bird field recording in this show! The program features  some florentine birds. The sound was captured with the Zoom H2 in 24 bit/44.1 kHz to the SD Card. There was a nearby air conditioner annoying around 400 Hz, so I filtered the birds in Live a little bit.

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Making-of Ornitologia May 3rd

For today’s show production I used a little more technology. The resulting sound is louder, but harsh and over-processed . I’ll have to improve on all that, but in the meantime, here is the description of my first shot at signal-processing bonanza.

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