Making-of Ornitologia 2009-10-04

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Peak Express 6ScreenSnapz003

For this show, I finally found a non-expensive, fast and powerful audio editor: BIAS Peak Express. It has a snap to zero crossings editing mode that allows click and pop-free edits, a feature that the nice Fission lacks. It is faster, more usable and more stable than Audacity. It is cheaper and prettier than Wave Editor (that really competes with Peak Express’ older brothers: LE and Pro). This is the second chance I gave BIAS, after installing a few trials some time ago. I am glad I looked at their editor again.

From that first BIAS encounter also came another new tool for this show: the expander-gate plugin, GateEx, from the Master Perfection Suite. They were giving it away for limited time then. It was really useful to reduce some reverberation and room noise in the interview, which was recorded with the Zoom H2, at 44.1 kHz / 24 bit, with both the front and back pair of microphones in the medium (M) gain position.

I also used less compression in the voiceover that I recorded in the closest, as an experiment, because of a still fan-crazy MacBook. Again, I used Live and  the Voxengo Voxformer plugin in the voiceover and interview tracks. I varied on the light-compression preset, especially in the interview, that needed a strong equalization in the mid-tones. In the master, I used the Elephant limiter with gentler settings: AIGC-2 mode, In Gain: +3 dB, Out Gain: -0.3 dB, Release: 2 and 16 bit equal-gaussian dithering.

From this episode on, the show will feature a track list in the blog post and in the podcast description field.



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Stockhausen em Lisboa, Berg em Madrid, OML Dia Mundial da Música (Wagner) Karlheinz Stockhausen (Klang, Licht, Gesang der Jünglinge)

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