Making-of Ornitologia 2009-09-20

2009/09/20 at 11:43 1 comment

Bird at Storyville
This season starts with a few novelties. The show now features a new (quite similar to the former) intro, but especially some audio separators in the transitions between subjects. I think it could make the show structure more clear to the listener. Also there is now an Ornithological farewell, courtesy of Charlie Bird Parker. Can you spot the other tracks used in the transitions? (Tip: they are all from last season’s playlist.)

As first told on twitter, this season also brings a major upgrade to Ornitologia‘s production tools. I am now using Ableton Live 8 which is quite an improvement from Lite 7. In this episode I used extensively the new Fades and Crossfades feature. Also, the lack of device/plugin usage limiting allowed to use an automatic voice ducker (a sidechain compressor) on the music and bird sound tracks. The birds sound are the excellent nightingale samples by user suonho.

I also got a pair of plugins from Voxengo: the Voxformer, a vocal channel strip that I use in the voiceover track and the mastering limiter, Elephant. A need some more interactions to master them acceptability and on the present show I got a minor setback that worked against this. My MacBook is now making a fan noise all the time, so I had to record the voiceover very quiet (but at 24 bit) and use a lot of gain afterwards. I’m sure the situation is far from ideal. Let’s see if the due Snow Leopard upgrade will take care of this.


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  • […] the voiceover that I recorded in the closest as an experiment because of a still fan-crazy MacBook. Again, I used the Voxengo Voxformer in the voiceover in a variation of the light-compression preset. Also […]


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