Making-of Ornitologia April 19th

2009/04/19 at 13:00 2 comments

I went to Radio Zero’s studio for the first time to record this episode and also to re-record the last three. I found a pair of great vintage Sennheiser MD 441 dynamic microphones (a black version). I don’t really know much about the rest of the audio gear, besides a Behringer mixing table and a noisy generic PC.

The Sennheisers are good microphones, with much more detailed sound than the portable solutions I’ve been using. The guys at Zero made a good job in the booth, but the studio is in a really noisy environment with air conditioning and massive noise from a sports field and the building itself. Besides being a problem in itself, the noise level also makes the gate in the mikes’ signal path very harsh. I don’t know if this can be improved. There is a new studio in the works, let’s hope it comes fast!

Audacity is the tool of choice for recording, and mixing at Zero. So I fired it up to record my voice-over at 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, using a pop-filter. I made only some rough editing in Audacity. The next time, I’ll do more because it’s easier than in GarageBand, especially with the gate’s punch in an out. I also normalized the clips and applied some equalization in the 3-4 kHz region to improve voice presence — it really works! The birds are from HerbertBoland at


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Ornitologia 2009-04-12 Ornitologia 2009-04-19

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